Auld Lang Syne

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sleeping with the windows open at long last

Well, there it is, an open-window night. It felt so fresh to have the air blowing in off the sea as I dreamt of sand and suntan oil and the other pleasures of summer. I have a cologne that smells like the beachy time of my life. It is (aptly) called "Beach."

Busy day today at the author co-op. And my hubby is being a good grandfather by going to pick up our grandson who just finished off his first year of college. Whew. He is a great guy (well both of them). Sunshine streaming through the stained glass in the bathroom makes the whole day seem holy.

Will I get to write today? Probably not, but will tuck a notebook into my bag just in case I get an itch to begin something new. It's great to be a writer....never a time when one can claim boredom. I once had the HORRID experience of being "out and about" with no paper. I felt like I was missing an arm... had to write in the margins of a newspaper. SO now, I go prepared wherever and whenever.

Off to the co-op. Hanging out with authors is a treasure.

Worked a bit on my latest project last night after hubby was in bed. I think I can say this is (so far) the most interesting project. I have an interest in what the "boyfriends" will think of these poems, whether in some cases they will recognize themselves in the poems that do not get specific. Curios. Very.

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