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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, we had a day

Yesterday was terrific... that yellow thing was out all day and I was happy to have windows down in the car again. But my attention this morning turns to gardening. I THINK I might actually get some veggies planted this weekend. I'm getting all excited thinking about it. Of course as I think about gardening, I think about my greenhouse and how it needs to have everything taken OUT and cleaned up from winter/spring. I enjoy this task. Feels so fresh when it's done. I will do that on Saturday and celebrate by writing out there. I did not do that this spring (OK, technically is is still spring) and look forward to the special feeling I get looking out through the wavery glass, a feeling of spooky color and shapes. I let all the geraniums (gerania?) die off this winter. They were so spindly and weak after 4 seasons of in and out that I decided to start over this spring. I will go to the local nursery and find special ones, with interesting shapes of petals, bright and varied colors. I have these wonderful opaque pots (all sizes) in ice-creamy colors and in red and blue. I love how it looks from the outside to see these pots lined up on the shelf, their plants a-bloom. And there is something special about the smell of a geranium. A really earthy smell. Mmm.

Eventually I need to get electricity out there. Not sure how that will work, but I would like to work out there after dark. OK, you're thinking candles. A good plan too. I'm thinking some kind of solar light that doesn't need wires and connection to the grid. I would like to be able to plug in a fan or a heater (for winter). Dilemma. Any suggestions from out-there-land?

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