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Sunday, September 18, 2011

This little thing and other little things

I'm ensconced at a window table at Rock City Cafe, listening to the happy clink of cups and glasses, the chatter of our remaining tourists, and not just a few of the locals who are braving downtown again. Soon I'll be heading down to Bath for a reading at the Chocolate Church. I've never been there, but notice it every time I cross over the Bath Bridge in one direction or the other. It's a little thing, this glance. But like so many other little things, there is something comforting about it. I've decided that today will officially be the Day of Little Things. Here is my early list (a work in progress and in NO special order):

1. My Verizon MiFi device that makes it possible to be connected even in my car (no I am NOT blogging while driving!)

2. Being "known" by the staff at the Brass Compass and at Rock City and Hello Hello Books.

3. The smile of the lady at the next table as she talks excitedly with friends

4. The tenderness of the young mother across from me who is smooching her baby girl behind the ear (this really makes me homesick for my girls at that age though)

5. Cool sheets when I slide into bed

6. Cool breezes over my head at night (those soon to end when the windows of winter are shut)

7. The way my husband's hand looks as he rests it on his cheek while sleeping (oh baby, that one REALLY gets to me!)

8. The sparkle of my lavender crystal on the rear view mirror in my car

9. The ability to read, write, and think (maybe these are BIG things?)

10. Chocolate brownies with walnuts

11. My "girl" friends who write poetry.

12. sparkle-y nail polish

So my little things list is growing. I think that really small things, most of them intangible, are perhaps the big things after all. I do know that if they were to disappear, or if I were to disappear, they'd be missed.

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