Auld Lang Syne

Thursday, November 24, 2011

and so the snow was so so snow

Well, it came and it went, a whole dreck of slush and icy roads for today. Not very amusing, not very threatening. I made one of our two forays to the grocery store and a man with WMG license plates cut me off and nearly caused me to careen into another car IN the parking lot. I have dubbed him Wipeout Man Guy for his driving style. I always try to assign a code (mnemonic) to license plates to remember them for later (in case I need to report them to the cops?) hence Wipeout Man Guy.

The rest of the day was spent watching movies with the four amazing 20-somethings and cooking, well baking really. Tomorrow is the BIG push to get the turkeys and stuffing and green bean casserole and veggies done. We hope to eat late in the day (3-ish) after a sleep in for the 4 amazing 20-somethings and brunch (french toast and canadian bacon and Maine Maple Syrup). I feel like I ought to include one more country and call it an international brunch. Hmmmm, maybe some bratwursts or a little italian salami? At any rate, we will eat, watch football, and hopefully play games. I'd like to get the 4 amazing 20-somethings OFF their phones, computers etc. for just a day. Good luck with that you say? Yeah. Good luck indeed. But I will get them to do the after dinner cleanup.... he/she who does not cook must clean. Ha! I always knew those ancient family rules would find their ways back into active duty!

I plan on reading a poem before dinner. I have picked out a Wilbur poem, Christmas Hymn. It is a great way to head into Advent. I am readying myself for a long study of Wilbur's work (all of it) which may take a couple years to accomplish. I will read, annotate, and write about the poems. The work officially starts on January 1st. More on that as I go along. Don't get bored... I promise you won't if you stick with me on this.

I am in final revision on the formatting of my new book, bumping up the font size and adding blurbs for the back cover. I am very pleased with the cover design, done by Jesse Bruchac of Bowman Books. I can hardly wait until you can order your copy! I think you will enjoy seeing the passage of time through Abenaki eyes. So keep the title in your head until it is released: Native Moons, Native Days.

Meanwhile, it is now officially TG Day (2:10 AM) and I wish you, dear readers, a happy day. Remember where you started, and give thanks for how far you've come.

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