Auld Lang Syne

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2 challenge; write and post

Today is Monday, April 2nd.

For today, write 10 lines where you begin (or end) with a line from a song.
If you begin with the song line, end with a piece of advice.
If you end with the song line, start the poem with a piece of advice.

(You might make a note as an epigraph regarding from what song you took the line)

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  2. On the wings of a snow-white dove, Sunshine flickered.
    As one, light and bird fluttered, wheeled, and larked across the sky,
    laughing like children escaped from school.
    Their antics awakened North Wind. He blanched at the sight of his
    nemesis, Sun, cavorting like a common street urchin.
    “She’s an embarrassment to the gods,” he cursed under his breath.
    “I’ll end this nonsense.”
    North Wind summoned his powers and hurled bitter clouds at Sun.
    Dove screamed and dashed to her nest, her frail heart electric with fear.
    North Wind swiped his palms, “Never underestimate a foe.”

  3. Linda, you did a great job on this prompt I enjoyed the choice that you made for the song line and it was good to use advice from someone other than you at the end of the poem. Great job and thanks for being first.

  4. Had to use Snow in it somewhere ! Thanks, for doing this and for the kind words.