Auld Lang Syne

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9, time to go outside

For today, go outside and find something interesting in your yard. It might be a rock or a plant that has just bloomed. Write a 10-line poem about it.

Be creative: write obliquely without actually mentioning the item. This is a BIG challenge but you can do it. Here is an example I dashed off that considers the bloom of the first spring tulip.

She lifts her head
where for so long she slept
and struggled to stay alive.
Her lips burn, her arms
barely able to lift her weight.
What god above so cursed
her to think herself near death
only to pull her spirit forth
with a warm kiss, as if beloved?
Is this a game of love? Such a game
I would not wish to play.
But she is beloved. Her sleep
has restored her to health...
... and I rejoice to find her
nodding her golden head
in my garden.

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