Auld Lang Syne

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AWOL Blogger

I have been off the blog for a long stretch. I admit to getting a bit distracted from time to time. And I admit to being a bit too interested in many things at the same time: writing, knitting, reading, cooking, being with friends, taking naps (hey! that is an ART! LOL)

My husband tapped my forehead last night and said "it's sooo busy in there!" I guess he is right. Sometimes I get fractured in focus. There are just so many things to grab my attention. I have been promoting the new book, working on my first ever novel (yikes!) and keeping up with my poetry projects (submitting, writing, going to poetry group). Then on Saturday last, my friend Dita, her boyfriend Todd, and I tried something new... an altered book workshop. I'm captured! I love the idea of making art out of existing materials (have always been fascinated by collage). This project is right up that alley, deconstructing, altering, repurposing, and making something new out of old books. Of course I picked a semi-large book to tackle. The workshop was run by Margo Ogden, a printmaker. We learned several techniques and got right down to doing!

Do I worry that I am too fractured in my focus? Nope. I am just grateful to have things to do that engage me so deeply. I wonder when people say they are "bored" why they don't get busy and find things to do. There is just no end to the possibilities. My glass is more than half full... it is spilling over on the table and the water definitely looks like art!