Auld Lang Syne

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trump and Through the Looking Glass

We are through the looking glass these days, where everything real isn't and everything unreal is. We have allowed crazy upsidedownness to thrive. We do it by seeing politics as a place to be "funny" at the expense of others. We seem to like the loudest mouths and the biggest booming threats. We believe that if we elect a CEO, we will get benefits from that person. We ignore things of moral value in favor of flashy rhetoric, even when the flashy rhetoric is false, PROVABLY false.

We allow, even celebrate, those who lie and are inhumane and threatening to others (those others are people who are not like"us.") We choose to believe lies because the lies seem "entertaining" or because those lies seem to offer change. Some even say "he thinks like I do" (which gives me a shudder to think how many might be like him)

We prefer ANY difference in or challenge to the "status quo" versus truths or facts that can be verified. We prefer to let sound bytes "educate us" and believe what others tell us to believe, maybe because we are so confused we don't recognize our own beliefs, our own values. We are part of a problem we cannot see as we cheer the emperor with no clothes in a kind of sad mob mentality, sad and dangerous mob mentality.

Do we think this fear-mongering stance will not be "real" in its dire consequence after November? It is going to get "real" real fast, people.   Step away from the funhouse mirror.

I for one, am scared that should Trump take office, only people like him will survive. And that one of his tantrums of xenophobia and racism will end us, literally end us in a puff of nuclear smoke and ash. Listen to what other people around the world are saying about him and pull your heads out of his butt.

If you are not a rich white male you will soon realize Trump doesn't care about you at all. He is a vapid, self-serving, man. HOPE: get every person of color, every middle class person, every young voter, every woman you know to vote against this terror of a man. And PLEASE understand that a third party vote will GIVE the election to Trump, will hand him the nuclear codes and double-dog-dare him to use them.