Auld Lang Syne

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AWP, a community of writers

This weekend is the annual AWP (Associated Writing Programs) conference. This year it is in Boston. It is one of the two or three annual events that keep me going as a writer. This is a rarefied experience where I get to listen to panel discussions and talks and readings while spending quality time with other writers, most of whom I only see once a year.

I am nearly packed for my trip, going down on Wednesday by train. No parking issues, no driving in the city. Ahhhh. And then there is the hotel stay. Pricey sure. But totally worth it. I am feeling great about the events and the dining and the drinking of fine wine. I am looking forward to seeing fellow alums from Vermont College and some poets whose work I admire. All in all, I am fired up, ready to go.

I hope to be blogging the conference this time... something I haven't done before. So stay tuned.