Auld Lang Syne

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Creative Writing Camp 2014

Today is the first of two 3-day sessions of camp; this week for Middle Schoolers. We have 12 "campers" who are enjoying poetry, character development (fiction) story development, and safe blogging.

We have had our first break and the students have moved stations. Lunch is being prepared in the kitchen of Rockland District Middle School where we are.

I find the students to be eager and engaged. Art is happening too!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A bit of Poet Laureate news

Sorry I forgot this news (have been a bit absent from blogging)

In April, I was reappointed to the post of Poet Laureate of Rockland, Maine, ending my term as the 2nd PL of the city and beginning my term as 3rd PL of the city. Many thanks to all who helped in my first term, most especially the staff of the Rockland Public Library for all their various modes of support!

I have many plans for this term, but the biggest by far is the ROCK CITY POETRY FESTIVAL to be held in Aprill of 2015. Please contact me if you are willing to donate to the success of this effort. I will be doing a KICKSTARTER campaign shortly as we need to raise $35K to be able to make this series of events happen.

Nationally known poets Richard Blanco, Patricia Smith, and Dorianne Laux (native Mainer) will be here to read and engage in workshops.

You KNOW you want to be a part of this wonderful event! Email me for details or to help.

Let the children come

Tomorrow (July 9) is Session One of 2014 Creative Writing Camp. Funded entirely by grants from Maine Media Women and Elks Beacon Grants, there's no cost to the children or their families for the 3 days of writing / art with local authors/writers. All materials are provided as well as lunches, snacks, facilities, and tee shirts.  We thank the Elks Lodge 1008 (Rockland, ME) and Rockland District Middle School for allowing us the use of their facilities for the camps.

Session One is for Middle Schoolers:

Journal Keeping
Fiction : character and story development; flash fiction techniques
Art: all art pieces are connected to the writing

Carol Bachofner (journaling / blogging)
Stephanie Marshall (poetry)
Paige Pendleton (fiction)
Terri McKensie (fiction)
Margie Kivel (art)

Session Two is for Elementary Schoolers:

Fiction: character development; story elements; story boarding


Kristin Gould (book elements)
Carol Bachofner (poetry/director)
Bill Bachofner (co-director)
Terri McKensie (fiction)
Stephanie Marshall (poetry)
Margie Kivel (art)
Anna Walker, Sarah Bernard (helpers)

Thanks also to Sarah Bernard for her generous donation of notebooks both last year and this.

We have a very full program. Last summer we had 23 elementary school students; this is the first year we are holding a session for Middle School. We have 16 MS students signed up to join us 9grades 6-8). We will again have about 22 elementary school kiddos (grades 3-5).

What's next?

I have a plan for forming a writing group specifically designed for teachers who teach writing. Time for walking the talk.

More on this upcoming project soon. Just have to get camps done and packed up for another year!