Auld Lang Syne

Thursday, December 31, 2015

winding down 2015

It's been a busy year. Not that this blog is evidence. I have not posted since LAST New Year's Eve, sad to say. But I shall do better.

To my credit I have not been idle. Many poems written, much work done on local school board, progress on the Wilbur book, and lots of living lived. But I am remiss in my posting. Mea culpa.

So... expect more from this poet in 2016

I have a few goals:

1. finish the Wilbur book.
2. get two manuscripts out there
3. write for 2 hours a day on SOMETHING
4. take more art classes ( I took up watercolor this year after a 35 year hiatus... more of a lack of confidence as an artist than a hiatus)
5. did I mention finish the Wilbur book? yeah that.