Auld Lang Syne

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Dreamers. Now they may really have a chance to see what it is like to live out in the open, free citizens with all that means. I wonder why we have become so exclusionist when there is such a short memory on the parts of many whose ancestors came here for this very dream. It's much, I think, like the welfare recipient who is now the welfare clerk and persecutes the person who comes to the welfare office for help. Now that he/she has risen above welfare need, it is okay to scoff at or denigrate the person who stands where he/she stood only a bit ago.

I applaud the president for taking this on when it is so UNPOPULAR in the southwest part of our country. He has guts. We need guts. I am proud of him. These kids did not sneak into the country to try and take something away from someone. They were BROUGHT here. They have lived in secret and fear because of others' attitudes. They have done all the right things in terms of school, serving in the military, etc. And for this the Jan Brewers of the world would send them to a place they have never lived, never experienced. These young people are OURS and they have talents, ideas, skills, and dreams for making this country continue to grow and prosper. We need to honor them with citizenship and stop the fussing over skin color (the real issue).

Three cheers to you Mr. President. And happy Fathers Day. You show your daughters a great example of what it is to be human.