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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

launching a new book

Last night was the launch of my new book, I Write in the Greenhouse. My two friends, Gayle and Wendy launched their first books. In a busy world where there is so much competing for time and attention, I am heartened by the big crowd. Over 30 people came and supported the books and us. We had wonderful snacks: fresh fruit platter with blueberries, cheese (Maine cheese!) and crackers, lemon-limeade, and a lemon cake I made FROM SCRATCH. My husband is still talking about the snacks. POINT: serve great food at a launch. LOL

But for me the whole experience was about way more than food or even reading. It was clear to me and to Gayle and Wendy that it was about love. We felt warm in the presence of one another's words. We chose a format that included each of us reading a favorite poem by the others. I loved doing that. Hearing my words from Gayle and Wendy made them come alive for me. And getting to put my voice to their words was humbling. Add to that the delight of seeing people respond to our poems as they did, sighing at the serious poems, laughing like crazy at the comical ones. I surprised my friends by reading two funny poems, Hiding Your Money and There's Something Not Quite Right at Crayola. Because my poetry is generally on the literary side, a bit serious by topic, these poems were a rarity. I did not have time to read Red: a Modern Tale, which is a parody of the classic Red Riding Hood story, which is funny too. I post it here for your reading pleasure. It is written in 14 lines of rhymed iambic tetrameter for those of you who are scanning.

Red: a modern tale
If I could be Red Riding Hood
strolling through that famous wood 
in my cape of color rosey,
bringing Gram a fresh-picked posey,
I wouldn’t dally, stop to chat
with some guy in a furry hat.
I’d never give out Gram’s address 
to someone who stalks the wilderness.
I wouldn’t weaken, wail, or waffle.
I’d prevent an end that’s awful,
spray my mace and blow my whistle,
knock down the beast, snap his gristle. 
I’d give the tale a brand-new spin:
Wolf goes down. Red Riding Hood wins!

I really enjoy reading this one. It was fun to write too.

After the reading and launch we headed over to Waterfront for dinner and chatter. We sat outside by the harbor (yes, I did get chewed upon by some hungry mosquitos, but no matter) Oh my, what fun we had. We stayed until 10 PM and I must say I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Gayle's daughter Samara and my husband, Bill were with us. The conversation ranged from golf (my hubby's recent hole-in-one) to Conway Twitty (Bill looked up his music on his iPhone and we listened a bit), Elvis and Barry White, to raccoons dropping from trees in northern CA attacking a woman. We were having so much fun that the couple at the next table started taking pictures of us! They really kinda got into it with us! What fun.

We will be doing more readings together this summer. Coming next is a teatime reading at the Personal Bookshop in Thomaston on July 16 from 1-3 PM.  

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  1. Enjoyed the poem, Red. A real modern woman whose spirit is wonderful. Keep on writing.