Auld Lang Syne

Friday, August 26, 2011

Coffee Shop Workin'

Ok, so I get distracted. It's also easy to think how nice it might feel to crawl back under the covers for a long nap. What to do?

The best thing would be to become more doggedly disciplined. But wait... I'm an artist. Thinking on this for a long time, I have come up with a few strategies for gaining discipline. One of them is working in the coffee shop. I can somehow manage to stay on task there. No phones, no soft beds, no one needing me for anything, no distracting sexy husband.

I do have a very nice office set up at home and I love working there. But when I get into a "mode" of easy distraction I just have to come here to Rock City Café and hunker down. That brings me to today. I've been here since about 1030 this morning, bed at home unmade, planning for battening down for Hurricane Irene left to later, sexy husband on the golf course. And voilá, progress. 90% done on a manuscript preparation that needs to happen today! Even a little work done on a poem that has had me flummoxed for a week.

It occurs to me I may have a parking ticket. I may have exceeded the limit on how long one may park in a single spot. Grrr. Guess I'll have to take my undisciplined self home.

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