Auld Lang Syne

Thursday, September 8, 2011

and while I'm otherwise engaged

So it's off to Start Island for a few days, leaving my husband to stoke the home fires and miss me. I hope to be able to blog a bit while there (I have a personal hotspot so I can stay connected). BUT... while I am otherwise engaged, I throw down a challenge prompt (borrowed from another writer)

If you’re not scientific, find a periodic table of elements. Pick a metal (gold, bronze, zinc, lithium, silver, tin) or a gas (helium, krypton), and and write about it for 10 minutes. Likewise, if you’re not musical, pick an instrument you’ve always wanted to play (piano, oboe, accordion, tuba), and write about it for 10 minutes. If you're not a legal professional, pick a legal term and write about it. If you don’t know the right words and terms, make them up. Write with authority. Have fun with it. Try to get 20-28 lines of sustained writing... or do a sonnet or a pantoum or a villanelle. The point is to write. I'd LOVE to see you post some bit of writing from this prompt here on my blog. Just click on "comments" and add it there.

I will do this exercise too, but later.

Enjoy this rainy Thursday and keep writing!

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