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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh bring us some figgy pudding

It's that time again, the time for baking and making. I am ready to put my skills as a home chef into high gear as we are prepping for Thanksgiving. On the menu: figgy pudding, blueberry/cherry pie, Indian pudding, and German Apple Cake. Oh wait... that is just the dessert part of the menu! Of course turkey and lobster (this IS Maine after all) and sweet potato, roasted red potatoes, stuffing (will be a surprise one this year), and asparagus and brussels sprouts. My hubby asked last night if I really wanted to have that smell in the kitchen (brussels). Ha! I do want all the aromas of all these foods. I will make a nice turkey pot pie after TG to use the leftovers. Oh and I am making from scratch cranberry orange compote. We will serve the turkey with homemade green tomato chutney. I'm guessing at least 3 of our "eaters" have never had chutney. In for a treat, I say!

The weather folks are predicting snow for tonight. We have thus far escaped unscathed so I cannot complain. I am grateful our "eaters" are going to get here before the snow arrives. Hubby and grandson #1 going to NH today to get grandson #3 and his friend and another friend of GS #3 is arriving by bus from Washington, DC early this evening. Whew! So no driving for us or them. We will be tucked in snugly with cocoa, coffee, tea, and a Scrabble board. I suspect there will be music happening.

I hope to have a little writing time this weekend, but maybe not. I am okay with that. There is a time to just BE with people. This is one of those times. BUT... maybe when all are in bed and I am still awake (normal) I will be inspired to write a little. I suspect that the high level of energy in the house will spur something creative in me.

So, blogophiles, enjoy your TG weekend and I will return with something interesting from the Adventure on Center Street next week.

Wishing you good ink and perfect metaphors.

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