Auld Lang Syne

Monday, March 5, 2012

Enough with the snow already (even if we've had not much of it)

I awoke to flakes swirling slowly like some kind of snow globe was shaken outside my window. Don't get me wrong here, I think it is lovely and magical. BUT... enough already. It's March and I am ready to be sitting outside with my laptop or a book (or my iPad books). I want my two friends to return to Maine from NYC and FL so we can start meeting to write again. I want sunshine so my legs will get brown again. I want to be able to wear pretty shoes that I don't have to carry with me to put on after I get inside wherever I am going. I want to pack away my long sleeves and coats. Is this too much to ask?

Something too about winter and writing: it is inspiring for about a minute and then...

Fortunately, I have lots to do. Poetry Month is upon us in 3 weeks. I am preparing for that by seeing to the list of poets for the Poetry Swarm, getting contest info to the schools, and attending the meetings at the library. I am searching for 4 high school students who can get a break from classes to come read at the library on a Wednesday at noon, and of course am prepping my own work for readings. I am also working on my BIG Wilbur project (see an earlier post for part of that). Dana Gioia suggested to me that I make an appointment to see him in person. I am nervous about doing that but really NEED to just do it. He is at Amherst in fall semester, so I have a goal: October.

So, what to do with my current slump? (sun just broke through... is it a sign?) I RARELY have slumps. I can usually, on any given day, just sit down to write and something happens. I don't usually have to talk myself into it, or thump about on the keyboard until something happens. But the past several days I have had little impulse to do it at all. Is this a leftover dullness from my horrible cold? I WANT to want to write. I just don't. Someone out there please give me a challenge. A prompt. A kick in the behind.

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