Auld Lang Syne

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

gearing up for Poetry Month challenge.. a pre-challenge for you

Shifting position shifts perception.

Sitting right where you are, write for 5 minutes about the weather. DO NOT LOOK OUT THE WINDOW to do this. Just write and don’t mind if it makes no sense. [better if it doesn’t] Look at what you wrote and make a short list of how it FELT to write this.

Get up! Move over to the other end of the room (or another room, or into a large closet). Change everything you can about your physical position. Now write again about weather.

Shift your position to facing a corner of the room or the doorway or the floor or the ceiling. Write again about weather.

Now take these three “bits” and smoosh them together. Or take every third line and isolate them from everything else you've written and write as suggested, i.e.

A 14 line poem that does NOT rhyme, and ends with a couplet from the third position.

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