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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning & Poetry

It suddenly struck me last night that I am no longer in the cadre of moms who stay up late preparing the Easter baskets, dyeing eggs, prepping for the kids' egg hunt. When I was a young mom, these were happy and tiring times. I relished them and resented them at the same time. Freed from the commercial trappings of Easter is such a blessing. I can reflect on the holy aspects of this day, what it means to me as a woman of faith. I feel free and full.

What this means to me as a poet is that I can express this faith-filled day in my writing (or in my reading or listening). What comes to me right off is The Lake Isle of Innisfree (Yeats), one poem that seems to inspire me and make me grateful for the life I have. This poem, along with a few others, is right up there with The Stolen Child, and Lady of Shalott. I must admit that the phrase "bee-loud glade" often runs through my head, particularly when I am writing and "in the zone" with a new work. I have no idea why, but maybe its cheerfulness and its fantastic and full imagery. To compound my joy at having this poem in my head for several days now, a serendipity: yesterday a package dropped on my porch, a bit of Irish poetry by Theo Dorgan (today's reading!) and a "living anthology of Irish poetry" entitled The Bee-Loud Glade! This includes a CD of selected poems set to music and performed by the Crazy Dog Theatre's Roger Gregg. I will most surely report in to all of you my take on both the book and the CD... stay tuned for that.

But for now, off to church. I am the scripture reader this morning. Afterwards, we will head off to breakfast at our favorite restaurant in town, the Brass Compass (title spot of my 2nd book). Then home to cook and read. What a lovely day it will be (is already).

Catch ya on the flip side with a new prompt.

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