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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Apologies for absence

So, blog followers! Have you wondered where I am? Have you wondered if I dropped off the blogger edge into an abyss?

Truth is that I have been SLAMMED since mid April with poetry month activities (a good thing) and then May was taken over by dental appointments that started with an emergency Sunday afternoon ROOT CANAL that is still happening (had phase 4 of 5 yesterday).

But there is good news in all of "the busy." On April 26th, I was named Poet Laureate of my city. I am thrilled to say the least and am up to my eyebrows in planning and doing. On Memorial Day, I had my first public appearance in service to the City of Rockland: read a wonderful poem by 19th Century Maine Poet, Isaac McLellan ("New England's Dead") at the wreath-laying ceremony in our downtown park. It was the first time a poem has been read there for Memorial Day. I hope this will be a regular thing. I've offered my poetic self for any and all city-wide events. I will read an original poem, Under This Flag, at the June 10th Flag Day celebration at the local Elks Lodge.

On June 12th, at 630 PM, I will be reading from my latest book, Native Moons, Native Days. The reading will be with two other wonderful women poets, Gayle Portnow (food, however peripheral) and Wendy Rapaport (On the Couch With the Good Enough Poet).

I have been busy attending readings of other poets and lending my support, as well as attending the Maine State Democratic Convention as a delegate, going to the Maine Poets Society May meeting, making every meeting of our school board's budget process, and in general have been straight out with something to do nearly every other night for 3 months. When do I get my summer vacation? Oh, yeah.... next week. We are flying West to grandson Nick's HS graduation. We are leaving the home fires in the very capable hands of Christopher and Justin, great young men who will stay behind to work their jobs and keep things going.

So, I have not disappeared. I have been SWAMPED. But I intend to get back on track with the blog now. I still have a LOT to say and share.

Well, time to get my poem ready for today's poetry group meeting at the library.

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