Auld Lang Syne

Friday, July 20, 2012

Why I Keep Writing

My husband is not a poet. He is not a writer of any kind. He is a husband, father and grandfather, teacher, friend, golfer dude. He is great at all of these things.

He enjoys reading about politics and current events. He enjoys doing a daily spiritual reading. He previously has not read poetry as a favorite thing to do. But he has been reading my work. OK, so you're thinking "nice guy, supportive husband, awwww!" All true of course. But it is more than that. He has been READING my work. He's found favorite poems, knows what causes him to like them. He can wax specific about that. He is reading slowly and savoring what he reads, a couple poems at a time. Right now he is immersed in my 3rd book, I Write in the Greenhouse, which is divided into seasonal sections. He's just entered "Summer."Even though he has gone to readings where he's heard some of the poems, I've not asked him to read them. But he is reading them.

This is part of what keeps me writing.

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