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Saturday, December 1, 2012

31/31 December poem-a-day challenge

Fresh from the successful completion of the 30/30 November challenge, I am on a roll (bun, ciabatta, kaiser, etc).

Some folks have indicated they'd join me for a December challenge, so I am posting 31 prompts here. Feel free to copy them and keep them handy so you are on top of what is being written each day. Now this does put a bit of pressure on for Christmas Day. I KNOW you are up to the task.

1. Write a poem about sudden, inclement weather.
2. Write about a school experience.
3. Write about a piece of furniture.
4. Write a poem about a gain.
5. Write about a wine or ale or beer.
6. What is the first thing you see when you open that "junk drawer" or at the back of a little-used closet.
7. Write about a poison.
8. Write a poem about what is just outside your door or window today.
9. Use 4 words from a book you have read recently. Open the book to page 9 and find the words there.
10. Write about a place you visited as a child.
11. Write a poem about a long-ago love.
12. Write about an item of clothing or jewelry.
13. Write a poem about a deal or bargain you made or would make.
14. What is left behind as winter arrives? Write about missing it, or about being glad it's gone.
15. Write a poem inspired by the phrase, in the front row
16. Find a family photo (from a while back) and write about one of the people in the photo who seems different from everyone else.
17. Write a poem that contains opposites.
18. Write a triolet.
19. Write about a fight.
20. Write a poem about a piece of mail you received today.
21. Listen to a song, pick out a phrase from that song and write a poem about it.
22. Choose a lesser holiday (or one from another culture) and ask yourself 4 questions about it. Then write a poem from your answers.
23. Using some or all of the following words, sleep, stones, fury, careful) write a poem about making changes.
24. Write a poem from the perspective of the first minutes after waking or the last minutes before falling asleep.
25. Write a lament.
26. New house, new city, new job.... write about newness or change
27. Use the starter, I catch up with you
28. In a library book you've just checked out is an envelope... what is there? Write a poem about surprising news.
29. Name a river, write about it.
30. Write a poem that is a premonition or warning.
31. Write your final poem of the year. What will this be? Poet's choice.

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