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Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I can do without

Today, post blizzard, is sunshiny and calm (no wind). The neighborhood men are out throwing and blowing and shoveling. No trees came down and no one in the neighborhood lost power. But oh those drifts! From my bedroom window (2nd floor) there is 24 inches up against the screen. My hubby had to dig his way out of the barn to even get the snow thrower out and running. There is so much snow that it is hard to find space to put it.

It's a pain to deal with the stuff, but it is beautiful. There is a magic to the gleam and glitter of it in sunlight, and when late afternoon comes, the blue fingers of tree shadows will inspire me to write. I took tons of photographs from the safety and warmth of the house, posted a few to our kids and grandkids.

What can I do without? What is my complaint?

I can do without six more weeks of winter. I can happily call this the final storm of the season. But will it be? Or will we be "graced" with more snow? True enough, we live in Maine. We are used to this. We have also had a very mild winter. A week or so of sub-zero temps, a couple small squalls, now this major NEMO event (no trouble FINDING him, he rather found us). But it is also true that by February, we are al tired of the heavy coats, the crap on our shoes, the endless rumbling of our furnaces. Glub, glub, glub.

I can also do without complaining. So, if more winter is coming, I need to think of it as "material" and just write.

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