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Friday, March 23, 2018

Web site is up!

The site is live!

What a learning curve this has been, with each challenge fraught with a bit of the crazy. I am pretty tech savvy, but all the code stuff and the settings required help from both rapid weaver (my building platform) and GoDaddy (my hosting and domain service)

The result of over a week of hard work to rebuild my web site is a site that is beautiful and functional.  I will be able to keep track of myself and my books, with a solid format for book sales and reviews and notes by me on the reasons and processes of the books as they are created and offered for sale. I think the site is easy to navigate for readers. It is nw easy for me too. I can add and change pretty effortlessly now.  Feels a bit like I just had a new baby.

So, please visit the site at and browse, read, comment, and ORDER books!


I need to mention here the person who built and managed my site for the past five years, DiTa Ondek. As I built this new site, following the news that DiTa was retiring from this work, I kept thinking how wonderful her help has been. Whew!

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