Auld Lang Syne

Friday, May 20, 2011

and now fog

Don't get me wrong, I love fog. I love the sound of the foghorns boop-booping. But come on... we deserve a little sunshine after the CRAPPY winter we had.

But I tell myself this may be a sign that I should be writing some fog poems. My friend Gayle has a whole collection of fog poems in her new book "fog and other atmospheric conditions." It's a splendid book, her first. If you want to order a copy contact me. At any rate, I think a few fog stanzas might be in order. Or a fog sonnet. OR.... maybe a fog pantoum or villanelle. Those are forms well suited for obsessive situations. This weather is obsessive on God's part I think. Is He in love with adverse weather? Is there a plan in all of this?

[OK, those of you who eschew God talk (you know who you are) can call this power "Mother Nature" or "the cosmos" or whatever you please.]

For me though, I am serious about fog and weather poems. I do think it is a sign. Drat! Just when I was getting up a good head of steam in "The Boyfriend Project!"

Ooops. Time to get dressed and ready to go to book group. I can't for the life of me recall which book. I know I read it right away after last month's group so I will be able to hold up my end.... brain cells are probably too WET from all this weather to work properly.

Later Gator.

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