Auld Lang Syne

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

and still it rains

This is starting to feel like June 2009. I am well and truly getting annoyed. I need to plant my veggies. Can't tolerate the thought of store-bought, engineered tomatoes.

So guess I have to write some more rain poems. Aaaaargh!

I actually do have rain poems in my new book... have you ORDERED my new book yet (shameless self-promotion here). Contact me by email ( for ordering info. I have a couple dozen here at home that I can ship out to discerning readers (LOL).

So here is one of the poems about rain. It is a "perfect reversing sonnet," a form I invented a few years ago. Notice the interesting rhyme patterns.


Rain is my enemy, I shall not forgive.

I am ever at his mercy just to survive.

I get so wet I may as well grow gills

for breathing in water like this. I’ll not likely survive.

Oh where are you sun, why won’t you arrive?

I feel I will at any moment grow ill

from all the water upon my sill.

From all the water upon my sill

I feel I will at any moment grow ill.

Oh where are you sun, why won’t you arrive?

I’ve breathed in too much water and won’t likely survive.

I’m so wet, I think I’ve grown gills.

I’m at the mercy of rain just to survive.

Rain is my sworn enemy and I won’t forgive.

You can see how rain annoys me. That said, I do love rain when it is not every day. Ahhh, how we want to manipulate nature for our own purposes. Guilty.

Must say I am in total appreciation for how green everything is getting. Flowers are popping awake, birds that have been gone all winter have returned to our feeders, the dirt smells so good right now. But sheesh... a little sun already!


  1. We are also having way too much rain, and this from a woman who swore she'd never complain. We live in a desert atmosphere half of the year when I long for the smells and sounds of rain. But really, it's been a wild wet May here too.

  2. I look to Memorial Day as a benchmark for my planting... meanwhile just writing and waiting

  3. so nice to get a comment from you! Watch my blog for a topic on a new children's book I got for my birthday from my friend Gayle. It is called The Disappearing Alphabet and it is by Richard Wilbur. Wonderful and funny and has great illustrations. I wish you were here to read it with me!

  4. Hi I am carol's granddaughter and I want to say my teacher loves your poems.......oh by the way this is jenna : )

  5. FYI all you poets and poetry friends, the "anonymous" posts are my 10 year old granddaughter, Jenna. She is so dear to read my blogs!

  6. why don't you send me a poem, Jenna? I bet you can write one!