Auld Lang Syne

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I love a good parade. I enjoy all the kids running around with candy they got from people on floats, love the music, the excitement of it all. I think I have oop-pah-pah music in my blood. I might have run away and joined the circus if I'd had the chance, just to be a part of the circus parade. I used to be the drum major in my high school band and it was thrilling to lead the whole parade down the streets of our town. I loved my white and gold uniform and the tall shako and the big baton I carried to keep the band in step and in rhythm.

Here in Maine, parades are a big part of any kind of public occasion. Today is the HUGE lobster festival Parade here in Rockland. Last year it took over and hour and a half. Last year I marched in the parade. (Not this year...pure spectatorship is the thing for me in 2011) The street will be jammed, waiting for the giant lobster (Rocky) and the Sea Goddess and her court. I will be sitting under the new awning at the new and IMPROVED Rock City Café with a fall iced coffee and a notebook (of course). Ahhh, it just doesn't get any better!

What will REALLY annoy me however (and it WILL happen) is seeing how many people do not stand as the US Flag passes by them. It makes me crazy. I am used to the normal patriotism of standing in respect (not worship mind you) as the flag goes by. I was raised right. I will grumble and grouse about this.

Still, I will be there, coffee and notebook and all. I will feel good to be alive and living in Maine where somehow there are still parades and balloons, and lobster festivals. I will end the day with a good feeling. I will end the day remembering all the times it was ME at the head of the parade, me leading the music and the marching. I will celebrate the fact that parades can make us feel special and happy even in the toughest of times.

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