Auld Lang Syne

Thursday, April 19, 2012

so what's your excuse? Day 19 Prompt

Today is the day for being pathetic, over-the-top pathetic. Write an "excuse" poem.

Example (notice all the internal rhymers in this):

Not Me

Water clogged with debris
a gushing leak from BP and all you do
is blame. Not my fault. See. I didn't bang
the pipe to break it, didn't fail to screw
the bolts in tight or whatever. Clang, clang
and the whole thing just gave in, gave way
and now you're trying to say, somehow
I had something to do with it all. A few
congressmen looked the other way (and dang!
I did vote for them) but how is it my day
for getting blamed? Look, what is it with you
that my vote is somehow on the hook
for them not taking a serious look at rules
for oversight. Sheesh, it don't seem quite right
to blame me here. I'm just one, ya know.

Say, I gotta go fill my tank. Vacation time for me
and the family. Off to the Gulf. They say on TV
it's safe now. I believe them of course. They'd surely
tell me if things had gone from bad to worse.
Don't eat the shrimp you say? I'm okay to eat it,
after all, BP is on the job making it all better now.
When I get back I hope you will have stopped blaming
me. I'm only one damned vote you see.

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